Chris’ Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

I think cookies are sort of the unsung sweet, you know? They’re incredible popular. But everybody think of cakes and pies and fancier desserts before they think of cookies. A plate of cookies is a great way to end dinner and really nice to share the holidays.

-Bobby Flay

Christmas is ONE WEEK & I am so excited! I love this time of year because our friends are coming in town and there’s nothing better than getting to watch Ryan’s niece and nephew open presents Christmas morning!

Although I got to see my family for Thanksgiving and will see them again for new years, I wanted to pay homage to them from far away by making my moms’ famous Haystack Cookies!

I can’t remember a holiday that my mom didn’t make these cookies. If you were ever a neighbor or family friend, you probably remember receiving a tin full of Chris’ cookies every year and understand why I want to share them with everyone….they are HEAVENLY!

While looking at them your first instinct wouldn’t be to call them a cookie, these butterscotch haystack cookies are exactly that. These cookies are bundles of chinese noodles, butterscotch morsels, peanuts and peanut butter. With 4 ingredients you will create a crunchy, flavorful cookie that will have you eating 5 before you realize what you have done.
Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

How to make these No Bake Haystack Cookies:

To start, grab a shallow pot, a large heat safe bowl, and wax paper.

Add 1 cup of water to the shallow pot and bring to a boil. Place the heat safe bowl on top of the pot, making sure that they bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Bring your pot of water to a simmer and add in the butterscotch morsels.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Allow the morsels to melt and stir occasionally. Add in peanut butter & stir until the peanut butter/butterscotch mixture is completely smooth.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Remove the bowl from the heat & immediately add in remaining ingredients.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Add the entire can of chinese noodles & 1/3 cup of peanuts into the bowl. Mix until everything is well coated.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Scoop out your haystack “batter” in sizes of 1-2 tbsp and place them onto the wax paper. These cookies are not going to look perfect, they will literally look like haystacks so allow them to form naturally after placing them on the paper.

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Allow your haystacks to cool naturally for up to 30 minutes. After the cookies have hardened, serve & enjoy!

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies

These No Bake Haystack Cookies will stay fresh in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week….they won’t last that long because they are too delicious…but just in case you were wondering.

Thank you mom for allowing me to recreate your famous cookies and share them. Although I can’t be at home to secretly steal 15 of these cookies when no one is looking and eat so many of them until my stomach hurts; I promise I’ll do the same thing all the way in North Carolina!





Chris' Famous No Bake Haystack Cookies
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Servings: 24 cookies
  • 11 oz butterscotch morsels
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 5 oz la choy, chinese noodles
  • 1/3 cup peanuts
  1. Add 1 cup of water to a shallow pot and bring it to a boil.

  2. Place a heat safe bowl on top of the pot (make sure the water doesn't touch the bowl) to create a double boiler. 

  3. Reduce heat to simmer and add in your butterscotch morsels. Slowly stir the morsels until they begin to melt.

  4. Add peanut butter to the bowl and stir until everything is completely melted together.

  5. Remove bowl from heat. Add in chinese noodles and peanuts.

  6. Stir everything together until all noodles and peanuts are covered in butterscotch/peanut butter mixture.

  7. Spread out wax paper and begin to create your stacks. You can do this by scooping between 1-2 tbsp worth of mixture and placing it on the wax paper.

  8. Create as many haystacks are the mixture allows for. You want to place them haphazardly, they will look like butterscotch peanut butter bundles. 

  9. Allow stacks to dry for 30 minutes. Serve & enjoy!

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