The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

Here’s to the year past and the friends that left us, here’s to the present and the friends that are here, and here’s to the New Year and the friends that will join us.

-Emily Post

Happy Christmas Eve (eve eve) everyone!

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is all of the parties! Being able to get together with friends and share memories over food and drink is the best. I also love creating new cocktails to make when I am hosting because nothing says welcome to my house like a fruity holiday themed cocktail, am I right!?!

I recently stumbled upon Barefoot’s canned wines and quickly fell in love. It is incredibly refreshing without being overly sweet! The “Barefoot Refresh” cans also come in several different varieties (my favorite is the Rose) so you can serve friends with different wine preferences without having 8 half opened bottles at the end of the night!

This year I used the Rose to come up with a fun hosting drink and I must say this Raspberry Wine Spritzer is the perfect pre-dinner, cocktail hour cocktail! It is light, easy to assemble and will impress your guests!


The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

How to make a holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer made in 3 easy steps:

1- You definitely want to have a cart of fresh raspberries on hand. You can either use some of them to create a simple syrup….or you can muddle them in the bottom of the glass to give the same effect!

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

Into your champagne glass add about 1/2 tablespoon worth of simple syrup.

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

2-Next open your can of rose and pour it overtop the simple syrup.

**Depending on the variety of sweetness you like you can also fill the glass 3/4 full with the wine and the other 1/4 with tonic water.**

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer


The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

3- Top the drink with some fresh raspberries and VOILA! you have the perfect holiday drink!

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

Does anyone else love watching the bubbles in fizzy drinks? I couldn’t stop watching when I made these!

The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer


The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer

Whoever said you have to make hosting complicated clearly has never been to my house because I am all about simplicity when having friends over. You can easily impress your guests with this fun drink, plus they don’t have to know how easy it was to make!

Although I am not sure Santa would want to get a DWF (drinking while flying), I may leave out a Raspberry Wine Spritzer for him just in case he wants to try!

Happy Holidays & ENJOY!



The Perfect Holiday Raspberry Wine Spritzer
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Course: Drinks
Servings: 2 drinks
Raspberry Simple Syrup**
  • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
Raspberry Wine Spritzer
  • 8.4 oz Barefoot Refresh - Rose
  • 1 tbsp raspberry simple syrup
  • fresh/frozen raspberries
  • optional: tonic water*
Raspberry Simple Syrup
  1. Into a shallow pot add water, sugar and raspberries. Bring to a boil and stir continuously until sugar has dissolved. 

  2. Next reduce heat to simmer and cook for 7-8 minutes until syrup thickens. 

  3. Remove pot from heat and allow syrup to cool.

  4. Finally strain out the raspberry seeds. Put syrup in an airtight container. (Will stay good for 2 weeks in refrigerator.) 

Raspberry Wine Spritzer
  1. Into a champagne glass add 1/2 tbsp raspberry simple syrup.

  2. **If you do not have time to make the simple syrup, simple put some raspberries in the bottom of a glass and muddle them. They will be able to release their juices and create a similar fresh taste!

  3. Next add in the Barefoot Refresh.

  4. *Optional: To cut some of the sweetness, fill glass 3/4 full with Refresh and 1/4 with tonic water. 

  5. Top with fresh raspberries. Serve & enjoy! 


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