Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Review

My love for ice cream emerged at an early age – and has never left!

-Ginger Rogers

While I have always been a self-proclaimed anti-dessert person, this year that has changed.

One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to be healthier (for both mind and body). In an effort to keep at least 1 resolution, I began counting macros to get better about putting better foods into my body. I have fallen in love with macros, especially the ability it gives me to eat the foods I crave while still keeping my eating under control.

With macro counting came my new love for desserts…specifically ice cream. I loved giving myself a little treat at night after a long day & there are so many ice creams available now that you can eat on a daily basis without feeling guilty for afterwards.

My go-to is normally Arctic Zero’s Cookie Dough Chip. It is 75 calories per serving which is why your girl eats HALF A PINT every day! No lie, every. single. night. #noregrets

A week ago, I got the ability to try Arctic Zero’s new light ice cream line. Because I am someone that will literally sit for 30 minutes and look at reviews on different products before trying them, especially when it comes to food,  I am going to review the ice cream + flavors for you below!

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

What is the difference in the new line of Arctic Zero ice cream and the old?

The classic Arctic Zero pints are lactose-free.

  • Great option for anyone with a dairy allergy
  • They do a great job of packing in the flavor for an ice cream that is so low in calories
  • BUT…No dairy = it takes FOREVER to de-thaw. We normally pull our ice creams out of the freezer a good 30 minutes before we are ready to eat it so that it will get to the soft consistency that we like.

The new light ice cream contains dairy.

  • It takes 5 minutes at most to get the ice cream thawed out
  • Flavor-wise it is a 10/10!!! (I am not kidding when I say Ryan said it was the best store bought ice cream he has ever eaten.)
  • BUT…dairy added does mean higher calories than the other line + someone with allergies may not be able to eat it.

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Flavor Review:

I am going to describe the flavors in the order of their calories per serving and then at the end tell you how I would rank them!

  • Vanilla Bean (280c)– if you like the classic taste of vanilla, you will love this pint. You can not only taste but you can also see the real vanilla bean in the ice cream.
  • Chocolate Chunk (320c)– this is every chocolate lovers dream. The chocolate ice cream is smooth & the large chunks of dark chocolate you find throughout the pint adds even more flavor with every bite.
  • Cookie & Brownie Dough (320c)– finally someone understands the need to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to adding a dough to a healthy ice cream. Think Ben & Jerry’s half baked minus all the calories. No really, the ENTIRE PINT of Cookie & Brownie Dough is only 40 calories more than just ONE SERVING of B&J Half Baked.

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

  •  Toffee Crunch (360c)– if vanilla ice cream + a heath candy bar had a baby, it would be this ice cream. Add in the visible swirls of caramel through out the pint & you’ve got Toffee Crunch.
  • Mint & Chocolate Cookies (360c)– Yall. I can only imagine that the creator of this flavor is a big fan of Girl Scout Thin Mints + eating them cold out of the freezer because that’s what it tastes like! Not only do you get the distinct mint taste, but there are cookie and chocolate chip chunks throughout the pint.
  • Cookies & Cream (360c)– My biggest issue with cookies & cream ice cream is that companies will just sprinkle broken up cookie throughout vanilla ice cream and call it a day. Not Arctic Zero, this ice cream tastes like they literally crumbled up hundreds of ice cream sandwiches & stuffed it into a pint.
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies (360c)– If you are a peanut butter lover, then this ice cream is for you. Not only do you get a rich peanut butter flavor from the ice cream base, but there are swirls of peanut butter throughout the pint + cookie crumbles.

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Which was my favorite of the 7 new Arctic Zero Flavors?

I have realized overtime that people rank ice cream flavors based on their personal flavor preferences (some people LOVE strong flavors, others like tons of “chunk” throughout the ice cream, etc). In an effort to truly rank these pints as un-biased as possible, I had Ryan try them too, so here is our ranks:

  • Cookies & Cream10/10 – I wish I could explain how delicious this ice cream is. The taste of the cream was UNREAL + you couldn’t find a scoop that wasn’t packed with cookie.
  • Cookie & Brownie Dough- 9.5/10 – this pint was gone within 24 hours of being at our house (and not by me…cough cough, Ryan)!
  • Mint & Chocolate Cookies- 9.5/10– all of your thin mint cookie dreams really do come true with this flavor.
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies- 9/10 – we would have loved just a little more peanut butter swirl to make it over the top but still delicious!
  • Chocolate Chunk- 8/10 – would have loved to have the base be dark chocolate too to really bring out a richer flavor.
  • Toffee Crunch- 7/10– we loved the concept behind the ice cream, but we loved the other chunky ice creams more.
  • Vanilla Bean- 7/10– you can’t beat a classic, but when you have 6 other ice creams that are filled with cookie dough, cookies, chocolate chunks, etc. you get placed last. Sorry vanilla.

Arctic Zero New Light Ice Cream Review

Overall: Arctic Zero you did it again. You not only offered me delicious lactose-free ice creams but your new light pints are just as amazing!

If you are looking for a health friendly, low calorie, full of flavor ice cream…try Arctic Zero’s new line. You won’t regret it!


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