Spook-tacularly cute Halloween Cookies with Wilton

Hey Everyone!

My blog posts are rising from the grave to bring you some sweet Halloween Treat ideas for the upcoming holiday!

If you ever had the pleasure of coming to one of my cookie classes in Winston Salem you have probably heard me say “Wilton Wilton Wilton” when suggesting who use for meringue powder, piping bags and tips.

The poor Walmart near my house in North Carolina could barely stay stocked because I would wipe them out on a monthly basis for cookie supplies.

You can imagine I felt like a superstar when Wilton reached out to me last month & asked if I wanted to try some of their Halloween supplies to make cookies…um DUHHH!

I was able to pick out my favorite supplies to share with you on what necessities you need to make some spook-tacularly sweet Halloween treats! So lets talk about my favorite things and how you can use them for every holiday:


Happy Halloween wilton

Cookie Cutters:

What I love most about their Halloween cutter sets is that you can use their cutters on multiple occasions.

Candy Corn– this sweet rounded triangle can be used to make your basic candy treat as well as:

  • a pumpkin filled with treats
  • a slice of pumpkin pie
  • a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • an elf for Christmas
  • and so much more

Ghost– the ghost cookie can also be a multi-use cutter. After making a ghost, you can take a knife an cut off the edges on the bottom to turn it into a Grave Headstone!

Sprinkles and Candy Eyes:

Can you ever have too many sprinkles? I love being able to add that perfect final touch to a cookie by adding sprinkles, especially a Trick or Treat candy filled pumpkin! When I am creating a spooky ghost, adorable bat or scary monster, the candy eyes are EVERYTHING and save me 10 minutes per cookie hand making the eyes!

My favorite sprinkle packs and google eye sets are:

Google eye bat wilton Halloween cookies

Piping Bags, Tips & Cookie Supplies:

When it comes to cookie decorating you have the choice to use either disposable or what I consider “long term” pipping bags. I use both when decorating. I use disposable for flooding and the LT thicker bags for writing and details. The thicker bags allow me to add different tips easily & have more control when I am outlining, writing letters, creating flowers or leaves & adding smaller details to my cookies. If you are new to decorating or looking to add that extra touch, I HIGHLY recommend using Wiltons Piping Bags.

I also swear by Wiltons meringue powder and clear vanilla extract when making cookies. Their clear vanilla is the best extract for the price and you don’t have to worry about your royal icing not turning bright white when you make it. And their meringue powder not only tastes delicious but it also helps me create the perfect royal icing every time!

My cookie supply recommendations are:

Wilton Halloween cookies


I want to give a big THANK YOU to Wilton again for giving me the ability to use their new Halloween supplies and can’t wait to use the cutters & sprinkles for future holiday cookies!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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