Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

If life gives you limes, make margaritas.

-Jimmy Buffett

I don’t think  I can ever have Jimmy Buffett come on my playlist & not instantly wish I was on a beach somewhere. His music is the kind of music that you want on at all times at a pool party/while sitting by the ocean.

Recently it came out that Jimmy decided to slow down his margarita love in an effort to be healthier…don’t get it confused, he is still drinking tequila on the rocks, just not as much sugary margarita mix.

Because I love a good margarita but also don’t want it to be pumped full of sugar; I decided to make a skinny version of my favorite Mexican drink, the Beergarita!

A beergarita is just a frozen margarita that floats on top of your favorite light beer. In this case, I decided to substitute as many of the sugary ingredients found in a typical margarita to make it not only calorie conscious but also sugar conscious! If you are whipping up margaritas this week for National Margarita day, make sure to add this Skinny Cherry Lime Beergarita to your list of things to try!

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

How to make Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas:

The only ingredient I just wasn’t completely able/willing to get rid of for this recipe was the frozen limeade. It is the quickest and easiest way to get that lime flavor you love in a margarita all in one place. It truly isn’t that bad for you compared to a lot of the other ingredients  I substituted…more coming on that.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

So grab your favorite blender and add the frozen limeade concentrate straight from the can, no need to dethaw first!

Next fill about 1/4 of the can with Sprite Zero and then add  in 1 package of Cherry Lime Drink Mix. Stir the two ingredients together until the drink mix is completely dissolved.

Health Note: Substituting Sprite for Sprite Zero saves your waist line 146 calories, 37g carbs & 33g sugar! Also swapping cherry concentrate for a package of Cherry Lime drink mix saves 110 calories, 25g carbs & 19 g of sugar. These easy substitutions can make a huge difference when making a fun frozen cocktail!

Fill the rest of the can with Sprite Zero until it is full. Pour your sprite mixture into the blender.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Add 1/4 cup of tequila into the blender.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Finally add in 1 cup worth of ice into the blender.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Mix all of the ingredients on high for 2-3 minutes until margarita consistency is to your liking.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Optional: Grab 1/2 lime and thinly slice out “rings” to garnish your glass. Take the other half of your lime and squeeze the juice into a small plate. Next take your glass, dip the rim into the lime juice. Remove the glass from the plate and instantly put it into your margarita salt to line the rim!


Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

There are 2 ways to serve your Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas:

  1. If you are using a smaller glass you can pour the beer in first then top with margarita until the glass is full.
  2. If using a taller glass, pour in your margarita until the glass is half full. Next pop a beer into the glass so the beer can steadily flow into the drink.

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergarita

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas

These Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas are not only a fun way to celebrate National Margarita Day, but they will also be perfect for when the weather warms up and you need an easy pool drink!

Maybe Jimmy will even decide to give these skinny drinks a chance if he allows sugar back into his life!





Skinny Cherry Lime Beergaritas
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Course: Drinks, Snack
Servings: 6 drinks
  • 12 oz frozen limeade
  • 12 oz sprite zero
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/4 cup tequila (of choice)
  • 1 package cherry lime drink mix
  • 3 bottles mini coronas (7 fl oz each)
  • lime wedge, for garnish
  • lime juice, for garnish
  • margarita salt, for garnish
  1. Into a blender, add frozen lime concentrate.

  2. Using the can that the concentrate was in, add a few ounces of your sprite zero. Add in the cherry lime drink mix package. Stir the mix into the sprite until it is well blended.

  3. Top off the cherry lime mix with the remaining Sprite Zero (you will have 12 oz of Sprite total)

  4. Pour the Sprite zero mixture into the blender followed by tequila.

  5. Finally add ice into blender. Blend all of the ingredients until frozen margarita consistency is seen (about 2 minutes)

  6. If you are going to add a salted rim to your glass: Place lime juice into a small plate. Next place your glass onto the plate allowing the rim to become wet. Finally roll the rim into margarita salt.

  7. There are 2 options for serving: 

    1) Pour half of a beer into the bottom of your glass then top with margarita.

    2) Pour half a glass full of margarita & place a beer into the glass so that the beer slowly flows into the drink while your consume it.

    Serve & enjoy!

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