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Welcome to my home! Myname is Laurel and I am the aspiring home cook behind Southern Parm.

I’m also a fur mom, a transplant North Carolinian, & the lover of lime in my ice cold light domestic beer.

Cooking is my part time hobby, full time passion. If you have ever been around me you will know I finish one meal & am already thinking about the next. My poor man has to hear me day dream about a meal five days away…as we are sitting in front of a giant bowl of queso and chips.

If there’s a way to be the next Julia Child without having to go to culinary school, sign me up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do that so in the mean time I cooked my way through every Pinterest recipe & cookbook I come across. I have tried so many recipes that there is rarely a time I can’t pull up a recipe for any occasion to share with friends & family. After years of people asking when I would start my own blog to share what I make, I finally caved. So now we are here. I can’t wait to share my favorite healthy-ish meals with you!



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